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It happens to all of us – the ‘busy-ness’ of daily life. Our schedules are chock-full of to-do lists, errands to run, kitchens to clean, then you throw in a change in jobs, or a new baby, perhaps an injury, or an illness, caring for a family member … it is overwhelming. Unfortunately, what happens in all this ‘busy-ness’ is that our minds and bodies are neglected. This can go on for years and years before so many of us even notice we’ve been neglecting ourselves.


One of our best strengths as women is that we are true givers. However, one of biggest weaknesses is that we give and give until there is virtually nothing left. We are the very last thing ‘to do’ on our lists, and by then we are just too tired. Have you considered how long you can give from an empty tank? How can we care for others, perform our jobs at our best level, how can we enjoy our lives if we do nothing to refill our tank? I believe the answer is we can’t, we won’t. Many of you may have already experienced the ‘giver burnout.’


Listen up Busy Moms, now is the time to make your health, your happiness, a priority in your life! Your health and well-being are vital, not just for a happy life, but for a longer, more satisfying life! Study after study cites daily exercise, social interaction, a balanced diet, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep, as key components to a longer, and higher quality, life expectancy. When you work out daily at a studio or gym (not at home by yourself) you’re getting exercise and social interaction, you reduce stress and chances are good that your sleep improves as well. People who exercise regularly and get enough sleep are also more likely to make better food choices. There is a healthy trickle-down effect just from adding exercise!


Busy Moms don’t need a grueling workout. And taking care of yourself should not be an obsessive mission to lose a set number of pounds. That kind of thinking is outdated! We are better than that, much better! Committing to moving and sweating – in whatever form – with friends for social interaction and support is literally life-changing. I know this because my members tell me so. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from someone that they feel so good, they are less stressed, how the combination of community, sweating and laughing makes them feel mentally and physically strong!


I know it’s not easy to commit to regular exercise Busy Mom! Maybe you feel like exercise would be one more thing ‘to do’ and you don’t know where, or how to start. I get it! I have a great starting point for you. Find a piece of paper and write down three adjectives describing how you would like to feel each day. JUST THREE WORDS. For example: calm, energetic, and strong. Once you have written down the three words in large letters, hang it where you will see it EVERY DAY. Let these three words sink into your brain. Once you accept that these three words can describe you, you will seek out the means to feel them. You will choose to give yourself an hour each day to do the things that will make you feel this way. It helps to find a community to support and encourage you. You can be a priority in your life. Busy-ness doesn’t run your life, you run your life! Busy Moms, you’ve got this!



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