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Are you looking for a one-stop-source for all kinds of Mom (and Dad!) information? Are you a parent, new parent, expecting parent, or just interested? You have come to the right place. Naturally almost every conversation between parents is focused on kids and what to do with them.

Libertyville Area Moms was created by a mom and long-time resident seeking to go beyond word of mouth and offering an up-to-date, informational, and exciting reference for local families who have a lot of questions. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! I’m hoping to give you the gift of time with these curated resources!

The categories range from all things kids plus everything else you need to research for daily living. Food, fun, schools, sports, parks, summer camps, music, dance, fitness, healthcare, home maintenance & renovation, shopping, products, at home activities, parties, events, museums, the list goes on! Libertyville Area Mom Blog covers a wide range of topics and experiences having to do with everything Libertyville, Green Oaks, Mundelein, Vernon Hills (and beyond).





“Sarah is fabulous to work with and I have been so impressed with the number of clients who have come to me through Local Area Moms (Libertyville Area Moms and Chicago North Shore Moms.). This is great resource and I’m thrilled to be a part of this community!”
– Tara Baker of Trust Estate Planning

“Libertyville Area Moms is a great community partner for the Adler Center!  Just like a friendly neighbor, they have been genuinely enthusiastic about our events and classes.  We appreciate being part of a thoughtfully curated list of activities and classes, and Sarah makes sharing news with the network easy.  She’s flexible and full of smart suggestions that help us get the most out of our membership.  It’s a great opportunity to build connections in our community, and to reach our newest neighbors.  Thank you, Libertyville Area Moms / The Local Moms Network!”
– The David Adler Music & Arts Center“

“Our partnership with Libertyville Area Mom and Chicago North Shore Moms has been a great one. Sarah has been wonderful not only meeting our advertising needs but also helping us build relationships and collaborations within the community. She is organized and flexible, and a true cheerleader for the businesses she partners with. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”
– Montessori School of Lake Forest

Sarah at Libertyville Area Moms as been wonderful to work with. We have been working her for a year and her attention to detail is great. She is always available to answer any questions we may have regarding ideas for the newsletter, social media posts and events. Being apart of this group has been an amazing experience. It is such a great tribe of women that we are happy to be a part of!
-North Shore Pro-Active Health

What a gift! Libertyville Area Mom’s Mission is to give Moms the gift of time – and it does! The website and social media posts provide a wealth of information on activities, services, businesses and more all throughout the community. The Weekday Low-Downs and Weekend Round-Up features are awesome! It is so nice to know that there is one place to go to know what is happening and what activities are available for families in our community. Sarah, through Libertyville Area Moms, also does a great job at supporting and highlighting local businesses. I love the Resources tab on the Libertyville Area Moms website. As a consumer it is so nice to have a reliable place to go when I am looking for local service providers. As a Small Business Owner it is wonderful to have a site like Libertyville Area Moms listing and supporting area businesses. With all that is happening in our world, state and communities it has been wonderful to see how Libertyville Area Moms has shifted to make sure that we are kept aware of all the Virtual Opportunities provided by area businesses. Libertyville Area Moms regularly highlights Classes, field trips, presentations, and any opportunity available to individuals and families online during this time. Sarah (through Libertyville Area Moms) is an asset to our communities. Whether you are a Small Business Owner, a parent, or community member in general; you will find Sarah a pleasure to work with and her Website, Libertyville Area Moms, an amazing resource.
-Jennifer Barnes, JB Organizing

“Our partnership with Libertyville Area Moms has been a great success! Sarah always delivers on our advertising needs and creates new ideas that increase our membership and helps us achieve the most from our partnership. There is always enthusiasm and excitement from our activations and events from Sarah and the local moms. We love our partnership with Libertyville Area Moms and the community of her blog, social posts, and newsfeed. We look forward to a long partnership with Libertyville Area Moms.”
-Hawthorn Mall

“Libertyville Area Moms is a wonderful resource for the busy moms in our community and new families moving to the area. Partnering with LAM has helped us expand our reach and get the word out about our special events and promotions. Sarah is so great to work with and her commitment to the community is evident in everything she does.”
-Heather’s Gym 

“Libertyville Area Moms does a great job of networking and partnering with local shops. The Tranel Financial Group has a mission to help our local community grow tenfold, and partnering with Libertyville Area Moms has allowed us to expand our network of supporting local. Following Sarah/Libertyville Area Moms on Facebook, Instagram is very beneficial as well. Sarah asks the hard questions to the community and is well connected to get responses. She posts timely updates to local and national news, which allows us to stay informed. Overall, following Sarah and Libertyville Area Moms on social networks and receiving their newsletter has helped us stay better in tune with the local community joys, events, and issues and has a great network to allow us to help our business grow locally.”
-Tranel Financial Group 

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