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Written by: A & H Childproofers

The last thing parents need during the holidays is a trip to the ER. Arvey Levinsohn, owner of A & H Childproofers, shares seven useful tips to make the the holidays safer and less stressful for everyone!


#1 Get Down and Look Around

Get down to baby level and crawl around on the floor…what do you see? Pick up any small, loose items, secure electrical cords and place safety covers on electric outlets. Keep fragile tree ornaments up high and out of reach. And never leave medications on nightstands.


#2 Watch Out For Heavy Objects

With a house full of guests, it’s hard to follow little ones everywhere they go. Make sure heavy furniture such as dressers and bookshelves are anchored to the wall. And be careful hanging stockings from the mantel…if the stockings are yanked down, will something heavy fall with it?


#3 Keep Out

Have a room that’s better kept off limits? Install a baby gate to keep children safely on the other side. For rooms with doors, use top door locks to keep curious little guests from entering. Also, it’s a good idea to keep guests bags and purses in an off-limits room so children don’t accidentally ingest someone’s medication or cosmetics.


#4 Christmas Trees

All those sparkling lights and shiny tinsel are irresistible to babies and toddlers. Safely keep your tree out of the reach of tiny hands by placing a surround gate all the way around the tree. Additionally, you can put a plant hook in the ceiling above your tree and wire the top of the tree to the plant hook to prevent tipping.


#5 Flickering Flames 

Candles are beautiful but should be kept out of reach. Never leave flames burning unattended and watch out for hanging tablecloths…they can be yanked down sending candles toppling.



#6 CO2 Detectors

Two things: A) make sure you have at least on of these on every level of your home. B) Traveling this holiday season? It might be a good idea to purchase one of these handy Portable CO2 Detectors just in case. Hotels are NOT required to supply rooms with CO2 detectors. However, it is worth noting the risk is lower in hotels rooms because they are not located near furnace rooms. More importantly, if you’re staying at a vacation rental, the home you choose may not have them either. 


#7 In the Kitchen 

When cooking, keep pot and pan handles facing inward so guests don’t accidentally knock them over. Burn injuries really peak during the holidays! Make sure small refrigerator magnets are high enough so little ones can’t put them in their mouths. Put away all cleaning supplies and secure cabinets with child-safe locks.


The holidays can be stressful enough – let a professional take care of your childproofing needs. Call A & H Childproofers at 1-847-650-2519 for a FREE home safety consultation.

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