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“Do These Five Things and Feel Less Stress and More Productive Every Day”



Do These 5 Things and Feel Less Stress and More Productive Every Day!

As your local expert on fitness and wellness, I want to share with you what I know will help you to feel calm, productive, and confident each day. I want you to finish the year feeling better than you do right now and lay the groundwork to really make some positive changes in the coming year. There has never been a more compelling moment to improve your health and reduce stress. Try these five ideas and let me know what works for you. You CAN do this!

  1. Get consistent, adequate SLEEP! Your brain health and the energy you have for the day depend on adequate sleep. Create a routine of turning your phone off at 8:00 PM, lay out your workout clothes, get into bed at a reasonable hour and lights out! Sleep is the foundation for calm productivity. Sleep is the springboard to achieving your awesomeness.

2. Exercise in the morning! What’s better than a BIG dose of dopamine to start your day?! Dopamine enhances concentration, boosts your mood, and makes you FEEL GOOD! You don’t need a grueling workout – but variety is best. Get your mind and body off to a great start every morning. Get a buddy to workout with you – hold each other accountable, start with 3 mornings a week and notice how great you feel!


3. Take care of chronic pain. That sore shoulder or painful hip that you keep putting off create stress and affect your productivity. And you are likely creating other issues by overcompensating for the weakness. Address the pain and correct the imbalance. Get used to the idea that you will need to deal with aches and pain as you age. Keep moving and address the issues as soon as they arise.


4. Follow through with your self-goals. Calmness and confidence come from your commitment to your goals. When you follow through with goals you condition yourself to have confidence – you learn to trust yourself! When you don’t follow through, you compound anxiousness and stress because you create more to do, more distrust of yourself, and therefore more distress. If you need help committing and following through with your goals get a coach or a buddy for accountability – it works!


5.  Calmness comes from keeping the perspective that you’re playing The Long Game. So many people quit doing the things that are good for them when they enter a tough season in their lives – they say they are too busy with kids, they have a sick parent, their job is overwhelming. Yep – it’s called life. Keep showing up for yourself even when it gets hard. When you find yourself in a stressful season of your life – keep the perspective that you are in it for the long haul. Lean on a supportive community, a buddy – whatever it takes to keep taking care of yourself and moving forward.


You can finish 2021 feeling calm, productive, and confident. If you want more ideas and support on your personal development journey, please join our FREE 6-week virtual coaching series that begins on October 12th. Striver Hour is one hour coaching for six weeks!



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