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Your business’s secret weapon: 5 ways content elevates your brand


We’re lucky to have amazing local businesses here in Libertyville. Running a business involves so many moving parts. In the busy day-to-day, you’re focused on delivering a quality product or service. You’re thinking about your clients or customers. You’re working IN your business, which is crucial to its success.


But how often do you work ON your business? Carving out time to think about strategy, marketing and all those big-picture things can be tough—but that’s what drives continued growth.


If you want to grow your brand, a strong content strategy can make a big impact. Creating and sharing compelling content simply means using the right words to reach the right people. It takes the form of everything from website copy, blog posts and newsletters to e-books, marketing collateral and articles (and even social media!).



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So how can content elevate your brand or business?


  1. Credibility

Content allows you to share valuable information. If you provide a service, it positions you as an expert. If you sell a product, it positions your product as a solution to a problem or need. People will see that you know your stuff and your business is legitimate. Go beyond promotional messages, and don’t be afraid to “give away” some actionable tips or advice for free. That “value” provides a taste of what you have to offer—and it will make people want more! P.S. Editing is important here. Typos and grammar errors cut into the credibility your content is working to build.


  1. Connection

You can use content to build relationships with current or potential clients and customers. Content is an opportunity to show you get it: You understand your client or customer, who they are, what they need and what they care about. Maybe you’re a lot like them, in which case sharing yourself and your life (if it makes sense for your brand) can make them raise their hand and say “Me too!” Content cultivates trust and gives them an access point to connect with you.


  1. Authenticity

Words are more than letters on a (real or virtual) page. Content also conveys your brand “voice” and style, which is likely different from other businesses in your industry. That brand voice—how your content “sounds,” your special way of “saying” things, the specific words and phrases you use—can be conversational, formal, humorous, serious, straightforward or crazy over-the-top. The key is to make it authentic and unique. That’s how your content will truly set your brand apart.


  1. Community

Though content may seem one-sided, it can open up a conversation and foster a feeling of community. It’s all about engagement. What will captivate your clients or customers? What do they want to know? What are they already talking about? Start a conversation by asking them to reply to your email newsletter, interacting with them on social media and including calls-to-action within your content.  Make them feel special with exclusive offers, sneak peeks or VIP access. Get people talking! Engaging content will build brand support and spark word-of-mouth.


  1. Consistency

With content, consistency is so important. You can’t just plant a seed and then leave it. If you want that seed to grow, you have to continue to nurture it. Once you start sharing content, keep showing up. Exactly how often you connect and which touchpoints you use will depend on your specific business strategy. But sharing content regularly reinforces your reliability and dedication to your service or product.


We’ve talked about how tough it is to make time to work ON your business. I get it—consistently sharing quality content is a challenge for busy entrepreneurs and growing businesses. There’s already so much on your plate. How do you figure out what to do and what to say, and then make time to actually write that content? The good news: Content creation is something you can outsource to an agency or freelance writer.


Consider all the amazing benefits that content could bring to your brand. Carve out time to make it happen or reach out for help. Content could very well be the secret to growing your business to its fullest potential.


Need help with content creation? Learn more about my story and my services at and send me a note via email. I’d love to connect with you!


Photo Credit: Dot Dot Dot Photography

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