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By: Heather Fahrenkrog


I often joke that I have never been a purist about anything, fusion is more my style. I take aspects of fitness disciplines and blend them to create classes that are unique, fun, and effective. However, about eight months ago I asked myself whether I could become a purist in order to embrace a discipline I had little experience in – could I learn to teach yoga, not a yoga-fusion class, but a true yoga class? Would I enjoy it? Could I convince my members to embrace yoga?



I am a fitness professional – my purpose is to inspire and motivate my members to commit to their health, move their bodies with lots of variety, and to be strong! I do this with humor, music, and by creating an experience – always different and something they look forward to day after day, week after week. As a fitness professional, it is my job to continually find new ideas to keep my community healthy and engaged.

Last August, I enrolled in a 200-hour yoga certification to see where it would lead me. My intention was to learn ‘some yoga’ to use in my fusion classes. I did not see myself as a yogi. Yogis are serene and composed. There’s no excitement in yoga. There’s no, ‘Show me what you’ve got!’ in a yoga class … or could there be? I did not see myself – and many of my members say the same – as a ‘yoga-type.’ But guess what happened along the way of my yoga journey? I came to embrace the challenge of stillness, I found a harmony in holding a pose that was foreign to me while focusing on my breath. I found mindfulness on and off the mat. This gave me insight into what my members might be missing, it inspired me to add a new dimension to the variety of fitness we deliver.

I realized I could bring my members a yoga experience that felt authentic to me: athletic, enthusiastic, and fun! I can deliver a yoga class that is both motivating and peaceful, with an uplifting vibe, plenty of movement, and a lovely stillness. I now crave the flow and calm of yoga the same way I crave the heart-pounding cardio on the bike – we need it all to be our best selves.



I am so proud that not only did I complete the 200 hour yoga certification, but so did five of my already highly certified fitness instructors – Lindsey Lee, Kim Yessian, Jen Neumann, Bailey Hall, and Marsha Kolb. Cassie Clark has joined us and we all succeeded with the help of our original HG yogi, Stephanie Bersh. These incredibly busy Moms embarked on this journey in order to provide our community with more!



We know we can give our members a yoga experience where they feel comfortable and connected to us. We are the same instructors who lead them in cycle, barre, U-Jam, strength and HIIT! Our members know our eyes are on their form, that we offer modifications in every class, as well as hands-on adjustments when needed. They trust us because we already give them what their bodies need … and now there’s more!

And, in keeping with my mantra to always bring my members more, our yoga experience is complete with infrared heat panels for the added health benefits of increased circulation, strengthening the immune system, improving arthritis, inflammation, and promoting radiant skin. The infrared heat also promotes healing of aching or injured muscles to recover faster. I invite you to come try our brand of hot yoga – it’s both healing and fun. Yes, two worlds collided, and it works!

Visit Heather’s Gym’s website to find class time and LAM’s Partnership & Discounts page for their exclusive offer for you!

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