Where Do I Start? | Libertyville Area Moms

By Guest Blogger: Heather Fahrenkrog

Owner, Master Instructor of Heather’s Gym 

I am often asked by busy Moms who have taken months or even years away from regular exercise… “where do I start?” When I tell them to start by coming to class many respond that they need to get in shape before they come to my studio. Well I am here to tell you based on many years of watching what works for people, the best and easiest way to get started is to find a fit community. Just like you found a community to help you be a better mom, you also need a community to help you take care of you! Very few people can self-motivate to workout day after day, month after month. Most of us need to be with other people for motivation, accountability, and to have fun! Let’s face it – if it’s not fun you won’t keep doing it!

So my short answer to “where to start?” is: find a community of committed people. A place not too far from home (or you won’t go!), where the workouts make you feel good. Find an instructor who cares about you and who inspires you to show up and mix it up each week. Health and fitness are multi-dimensional: physical, social, emotional, and even spiritual. What you do in your workouts will change who you are. I hear it all the time from my members – they tell me they are better people at home, at work, and between their ears because the weekly exercise they do makes them strong, confident, and energized. When your mind is right and your body feels good, it will ripple throughout your entire life!

But here’s the thing … being fit doesn’t just happen once you find that community. You will have to fight for yourself, fight for your time. To be successful once you start, you must decide that you deserve to carve out time just for you, and you must fiercely protect that time no matter what goes down in your life. You have to schedule it, you must prioritize it. What is 45 minutes in a 24 hour day? When you regularly exercise you will have less stress, you will sleep better, and you will feel your best. Who doesn’t have time for that?

Once you find that community, and you commit to making time for yourself, there is one important thing to remember – find a balanced approach. Don’t burn yourself out. Lower your expectations in some ways and step up expectations in other ways. The process of getting fit isn’t linear. There will be plenty of ups and downs along the way. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Commit, find balance, and be patient.

Now you’ve got a roadmap to start your journey to wellness: find a community and just start! Commit to showing up consistently so that you get a great routine and you feel energized. And find balancein what you give your body. I truly believe we are all capable of finding what we are looking for – a healthy, balanced body that feels great! Go get it!

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