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Lighthouse Blog

by Heather Fahrenkrog, owner Heather’s Gym

A storm at sea tests a sailor’s fortitude and ability to stay on course. A storm that sweeps across the globe, wave after wave, tests far more – our mental, emotional, and physical limits, our breaking points, it is a test of our very humanity. As we navigate the continuous onslaught of waves, we require both mental and physical strength to endure, to see hope on the horizon. Do you see the distant lighthouse whose brilliant light illuminates a haven that lies ahead? Yet you know you must first survive the remaining treacherous water that lies between us and safety.

Last December, I chose the word elevate as my mantra for 2020. I challenged the HG community to elevate their lives because elevators figure out where they need to invest their energy and where they need to pull away. Elevators know that inspiration is valuable, but it is not enough to affect real change. Real change requires follow-through and commitment. Last December I challenged my community to “choose to follow-through and commit to elevate in 2020!”

And then it happened … a once in 100-years pandemic that has taken so many lives, shuttered too many businesses, and turned our everyday routines upside down. This has been a storm none of us could have imagined and impossible to elevate through. Or is it? What if instead of shrinking away from the remaining unknown that lies ahead, we instead lean in, show up, and elevate ourselves in the final days of 2020?!

This year did not turn out as I imagined when I chose the elevate mantra, but it sure seems fitting now. I have had to hold tight to the helm and fight like I never have before to stay on course for the health of my community. I continue to steer into the unknown, but I keep my gaze upward and hold steady on the faint glow of the lighthouse ahead. I choose to elevate, I will follow-through – that is my commitment.

It is never too late to elevate! Dig deep. Find strength. Embrace gratitude. Keep your eyes on the horizon! Look beyond the rough water and jagged rocks – there is a lighthouse beckoning all of us, but you must look UP to see it, beyond the chaos swirling around you. The lighthouse is there, it remains perfectly steadfast and unaffected by the storm, waiting to welcome us to safety.

I look forward to seeing you in 2021. You can do this.

Love, Heather

*This post is sponsored by Heather’s Gym

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