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We were blown away by the remarkable chalk drawings by Macaire’s Muse! Macaire is a local teenager and her muse is her younger brother Cam who she wanted to entertain during the pandemic. Rather than being sad about the places they couldn’t go over the Summer, they visited places and did activities through chalk art on their driveway. It is a full family affair with Cam posing in every drawing wearing costumes and props he and his Mom designed. Their Dad captures all of the creations with a drone and washes the canvas with a power washer. At night around the kitchen table they all brainstorm more places to draw in addition to the suggestions from around the world. They have already surpassed their goal of drawing chalk art for 100 days, but don’t worry – the drawings won’t stop when the weather turns since their Dad built them an indoor studio and canvas in the basement. Thankfully, they have been bringing joy and inspiration to families near and far since their story has captured the hearts of local and national news coverage like the LIVE with Kelly & Ryan show. My kids are fascinated by these sweet siblings and were so helpful in creating our interview questions. They were also grateful to have the chance to meet Macaire and Cam over Zoom! Read on to learn more about this creative pair.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Macaire! We love getting to know you and Cam. We are grateful to share this with our Libertyville Area Moms community.

What are your favorite things to do in the area with with your family?

We love playing golf at Pine Meadow, biking to Independence Grove, and getting ice cream and French fries from Dairy Dream.


How long have you been drawing/painting/doing art?

I attended summer camp at Adler Arts Center for several years and have always like to draw and paint.


How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Libertyville has been very supportive of our art since the beginning.  Our school and church community (St Joseph Libertyville) shared our art daily on Facebook and Instagram after we first started, which helped people become aware of it. I take cello lessons at Adler Arts Center and they also liked and shared our art from the beginning. Friends and neighbors donated chalk when we were getting low.  Sports 11 gave Camden and I t-shirts and How Impressive donated a lot of colorful chalk.

How long does it take to make one drawing? From Liam

Each chalk art now takes me 3-5 hours


How many people have given you chalk? You guys are so great at drawing. Maybe I can help you draw – I can draw a sun and a unicorn. Bye! From Maggie

That is awesome! I hope you are drawing on your driveway Maggie! Some kids in my neighborhood ride their bikes over with chalk and draw on the sidewalk while I’m chalking.  It would be fun to see you!

Does Cam come up with how and where to lay down or do you tell him? From Liam

Before I draw each picture, I measure Camden to see how he will fit into the picture and we talk together about the pose he will do and where he will be in the picture


How did you learn to draw so well? How did you draw the eagle? From Maggie

I think I learned to draw by doing this chalk art for 100 days in a row.   Before I drew the eagle, I looked at a lot of pictures online to try to make the eagle look real.


The astronaut one was so clever. How did you draw it before the rain came? It seems like it takes a lot of time. From Liam

The day I drew the astronaut it didn’t rain until later in the day. When it rains all day, I chalk in our basement.


How did your Dad come up with the idea to use a drone to photograph the drawing? Liam

When the WGN News came to tell our story, the cameraperson used a drone and my Dad was very excited about this.   We love the way the art looks from above.


How do you feel about the recognition in newspapers, tv and local news?

It makes our whole family happy that others enjoy the art. People tell us they look forward to seeing it and that motivates me to continue chalking.


Do you have any tips for kids who want to draw like you?

Draw a lot and practice every day.


What are your favorite places to travel near and far and why? Where do you and your brother want to go after this is over?

We want to visit so many of the places that Camden has ‘traveled’ through the chalk art. We hope our first trip is to Ireland to walk across the Carrick-a-Rede bridge!


Does your brother enjoy being the ‘star’ in the drawing?

Camden likes being in each drawing, especially when he is doing something adventurous!


How long do you keep your drawings before clearing them for the next one?

When I was chalking every day, my Dad cleaned the driveway each night.  Now that I am chalking every other day, he cleans the driveway just before I need it again.


Would you consider creating a children’s book with your illustrations? The sky is the limit for you and your brother!

Yes, we are working on a book!


Congratulations! Let us know when it’s ready. We will be one of your first customers! How much chalk did you use in the 100 days? What other supplies do you need?

I lost track of how much chalk we used, but I now use about 20 sticks of chalk in each drawing.  I also use small rags to help blend the chalk.  Many of the colors I create by blending 3-4 different colors of chalk


Have you always wanted to be an artist? What else would you like to be when you grow up?

Macaire – I’m starting high school this year and am not sure what I want to do for a career

Camden – I want to be an engineer like my Dad


Liam wants to know if you could draw a person on Mars.

Maggie would like to know if you could draw a unicorn on the moon.

Thanks for the great ideas!  Camden likes taking big adventures.


How will you continue spreading joy now that the 100 days is over? What is next for you?

Day 100 was completed on July 4. I continue chalking to keep spreading joy. We are now getting requests (from Instagram) from people around the world who are asking Camden to ‘visit’ their country. It’s fun pretending that Camden is traveling there.


Follow Macaire and Cam at Macaire’s Muse on Instagram!

Liam and Maggie were so excited to meet and chat with Macaire and Cam via Zoom. They had their unicorn and Mars requests ready with props and everything to show them. The four of them had fun getting to know each other!

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