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Written by: Tara Baker


Time to celebrate the end of winter break, moms! With 4 young kids, I’m still celebrating that everyone is back to school!  But it’s also time to get serious about our lofty New Year’s resolutions –  cutting calories, organizing the house, and more patience with the kids.  But how about adding a resolution that is actually attainable? (Let’s be honest, the “more patience with the kids” was never going to last long, especially when the 3 year old draws train tracks all over the leather ottoman with a ball point pen.)


But resolving to have your will, trust, and other estate planning documents prepared is something you can easily accomplish is 2019.  It isn’t as sexy as resolving to fit into your skinny jeans – but it is a lot easier to do than you think.


Here’s why finalizing your estate plan is the perfect resolution for 2019:


You’ve Been Putting It Off Forever

You’re in good company if you’ve been putting off signing your will.  Most adults have no estate plan.  But everyone, especially parents of young kids, needs one.  Check out, Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?  It’s not fun to think about who will raise your kids, or manage your money, if you are gone.  But a little quick and easy planning is way better (really, way better) than a court making these decisions for you.  My clients feel incredibly relieved once their estate plan is signed and that nagging feeling disappears.


New Technology Makes It Simple

Helping young families complete this important task has always been my favorite part of my job, even when I was working at a big law firm.  Now it’s even easier and more convenient.  My clients pay by credit card.  They work with me when their kids are asleep.  Everything can be done from a smart phone or computer.


You’re Reviewing This Kind of Stuff Now Anyway

Tax season is around the corner. You’re probably looking at your 401k, collecting bank statements, and digging out other financial documents now.  With that information at your fingertips, now is the simplest time to make basic decisions about kids, family, and money.


You Don’t Have To Go This One Alone

A good lawyer will guide you through the process seamlessly, answer your questions, and make a complex process simple.  Once you make the initial call, your attorney will take care of the hard work for you.  This is one resolution that won’t require you to break a sweat!


Trust – Estate Planning for New FamiliesMakes It Easy

Balancing kids, jobs, family, money, and all your other resolutions is hard.  Trust is designed with young families in mind to make it easy. Everything is done electronically, with phone meetings and evening appointments, and kids are always welcome to join us.



Let 2019 Be The Year You Accomplish At Least One Resolution 

Just do it already!  Finalize your will, trust, and other estate planning documents.  And, for good measure, we’ll keep working on the “more patience with the kids” resolution too.


Want to get started? 

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