Meet A Mom: Jennifer

I have been a Professional Organizer and Speaker for over 20 years.  As my children grew, I expanded my client reach to include Business and Home-based clients and my speaking radius and repertoire to include the entire Midwest and presentations on all aspects of Organizing, Parenting, and Small Business Development. My real life experiences organizing and managing a large family, have allowed me to help clients from all walks of life to apply “real” organization that fits with their “real” life. When I present before groups, I am able to speak from humbling, life-changing, real life experiences; helping others to know that they are not alone and that they can do this crazy life in an organized, efficient, and fun manner.  JB Organizing is special because we don’t just change the spaces; we work with the clients to change their habits and teach them how to organize for themselves. We meet clients where they are in life and walk the journey with them from there. We work hard to get to know our clients. We are known for our personal touch and how we completely customize the process to fit the specific needs of the individual and their life.